This is HOW you Should Take Care of your Skin During this Period

Every woman on earth should be taking care of her skin, hair, and nails, as these are the essentials of a girl’s beauty. If like most of us all around the world, you are stuck at home, we invite you to start your skincare journey now. Since you are having more free time than usual, what could be better than showing your skin some love? In this blog, we are sharing with you six recipes of facial masks that will clean, nourish, and repair your skin in addition to giving it an unbelievable glow and radiance.

Nourishing Mask

1/2 Avocado
1 banana
1 tablespoon of agave syrup

After mixing the avocado and the banana together, add the agave syrup to make the mixture smoother. Apply after that on your face and leave it for ten minutes. This mask serves in nourishing your facial skin and keeping it hydrated.

Radiance Mask

1 teaspoon of agave syrup
1 lemon
2 drops of lemon essential oil

In a bowl, pour a teaspoon of agave syrup and add to it one to two tablespoon of Lemon juice and two drops of lemon essential oil. Mix the components altogether and apply the mask to your facial skin. Leave on for at least five minutes, then clean your face with warm water.

Antioxidant Mask

1 teaspoon of white clay
1/2 teaspoon spirulina
1 teaspoon aloe vera
1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil of your choice

Mix the white clay with spirulina, aloe vera, and vegetal oil to end up with a smooth mixture. Apply to your face and leave on for fifteen minutes. Clean your face afterward with warm water.

 Soothing Mask

2 tablespoons of natural yogurt
2 tablespoons of pureed cucumber
1 tsp. chopped sage
2 tbsp. oat flakes

In a bowl, pour the natural yogurt and add to it all ingredients mentioned above in the list. After cleaning your face from impurities, apply the mask on it and start massing through circular movements. leave on for fifteen minutes, then clean with warm water. This mask is perfect for dry and damaged skins.

Acne Mask

1 natural yogurt
3 drops of essential oil of tea-tree

Mix the drops of essential oils with natural yogurt and apply to your facial skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes. For a better result, allow yourself a light steam bath for four or five minutes before applying the mask. This way, pores are more open, and the result is more pleasing.

Face mask for oily skin
Green clay
1 pinch of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon rose water or lemon juice

Mix one teaspoon of green clay with one pinch of turmeric powder and another teaspoon of rose water or lemon juice. Apply to your face and leave on for ten minutes, then clean with warm water.

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