Five Tricks to Improve Your Beauty Routine

In cosmetics, there is theory and practice. Between the nice speeches in advertisements and reality, it sometimes takes some imagination to use certain beauty products. Here, we are sharing with you some of the secrets that are passed down between girlfriends!

1. Putting your skincare products in the fridge
Usually, after shopping, you place your cosmetic products next to your bathroom mirror or on your dressing table. But be aware that the fridge is an even better option! Indeed, it has been proven that fresh products have a relieving effect. You can, therefore, put your moisturizer and eye contour cream in the fridge, they will be more effective! Swollen eyelids are reduced and fine lines are more easily smoothed out. The cold also has a soothing effect. Redness disappears and the skin regains its softness.

2. Exfoliate with oil, honey, and sugar
Sometimes you just have to open your closets to make a tailor-made exfoliator and regain soft skin in a few minutes. Known for its healing virtues, honey is also excellent for fighting skin dryness. Vegetable oil is also ideal for moisturizing the epidermis and fighting against imperfections. By mixing these two natural products and adding sugar, we obtain a hyper-effective and 100% natural scrub! To make this exfoliator, mix in a bowl a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of oil and a spoonful of sugar. You can apply it on your face or on a part of your body. Massage gently for a few minutes, then rinse.

3. Fold the brush of your mascara for a better application
There are dozens and dozens of mascaras on the market. Voluminous, lengthening, false eyelashes effect, waterproof… It’s enough to make you lose your head. Not to mention the different brushes: round, curved, with pins or bristles. To choose your mascara, it’s better to test it before buying it. But the secret to getting real doe eyes is to fold the brush at 60°. With this trick, you will stain your eyelids much less!


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