Companies Providing Help During the Sanitary Crisis

Nowadays, the world is living one of the most difficult periods ever. Because of a very tiny virus that is not even visible to the naked eye, nations are losing lives, economies are collapsing, and societies are living a nightmare. However, one of the most positive aspects of the COVID-19 Sanitary crisis can be perceived in the help provided by leader companies as a way to cope with the situation and reduce its severity. On this blog, we are sharing with you a modest list of businesses that are bringing out a set of offers to help with the harmful damages Covid-19 has caused.

  • AndPizza is offering FREE Pizza meals to all hospital workers. Since March 16th, this restaurant has invited all restaurant workers to join them in the restaurant to claim their free pizzas or to contact them for a delivery in case the worker cannot leave their posts. To get the free Pizza, hospital employees only need to show their ID, so as they can easily be recognized.
  • Chipolte is offering free fast deliveries for digital orders exceeding $10. A special team has been taking care of the delivery services and order pickups in order for customers to enjoy a fresh, pleasant, and customized experience.
  • Uber Eats, which has always been interested in social causes and looking to leave a positive footprint and impact on societies, is joining companies in the US and Canada in their social support against the virus’s negative impact. As a result, it is inviting restaurant partners to collaborate in order to provide healthcare employees with free meals. More than that, UberEats has agreed with a couple of selected restaurants to get rid of delivery fees, hence encouraging more people to place their orders online.
  • Lush is fighting against the spread of the COVID-19 as well by offering FREE handwashing with no purchase requirements.
  • CVS Pharmacy is helping its customers during this lockdown period to get their prescribed medications delivered to their houses for FREE without having them to go out from home.
  • Charter is offering free access to Wifi for a period of sixty days in order to assist college students in their online classes during this period of confinement.
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